Markdown-A Markup for Coders(CheatSheet)

Markdown-A Markup for Coders(CheatSheet)

What is Markdown?

Markdown is the lightweight Markup language created by John Gruber in 2004.

It is used to format the elements in a document such as to bold,italics,headings etc. It is supported by almost all editors and saved as .md extension.

Different Markdown Attributes.

1. Headings:

It is written as

# This is first heading
## This is second heading
### This is third heading

and so on upto 6 headings.

2. Paragraph:

You can write directly start writing paragraph after a blank line and interpreter detects it,or you can use

 <p> This is a paragraph <p>

3. Bold:

The text is made bold with double underscores or stars.

__This is bold text__

it is printed as,

This is bold text.


**This is also bold text**

Which prints as,

This is also bold text

4. Italics:

Italics is written as single underscore or star as,

_this is italics_
*this is also italics*

this prints as,

this is italics

this is also italics

5. Combined bold & italics:

You can use combination of bold and italics as.


This prints as,

This is bold plus italics

This is also bold plus italics

This is also bold plus italics

6. Strikethrough:

It is done through single tilde.



>Everyday is a great day.

is printed as,

Everyday is a great day.

8. URL Linking:

You can link url of website as,


which is rendered as,


9. Embedding Image:


which is written as,


10. Lists.

A. Ordered List:

It is written as:

1. One
2. Two
3. Three

B. Unordered List

It is written as,

- One
- Two
- Three

You can also use +,-,*

11. Code block:

It allow us to write codes in a specified block as below.

void main(){
   printf("We have printed this in code block");
   return 0;

Which was written as,

tilde tilde ~C
void main(){
   printf("We have printed this in code block");
   return 0;
tilde tilde ~

Do note we have written C after initial tilde,which give us unique color combination for that language. Same goes with other languages.

12. Tables:

You can write table as in below format,

NameRoll NoMarks

which was written as,

| Name      | Roll No | Marks |
| --------- | --------|------- |
| Nadeem  | 4          | 99        |
| Rohan        | 12       | 98 |
| Mohan| 3 | 97 |

The spae before and after the start pipe doesn't matter so much here and table takes the value as that aij value.

So,this was a brief cheat sheet on markdonwn.Apart from these there are many other text and custom formattings which you can explore,but from the beginner's point of view these are enough.

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